Journal Junkie

cotton candy ice cream_David Berkowitz

All right, I like ice cream almost as much as writing, but truth be told, I’m addicted to both. I keep more than one journal, write in them every day, use them as exercise books, carry one with me to jot down my thoughts wherever I am. When I think about what journals do for me, […]

Pens I Have Known

Pens I Have Known

My pens are the fountain variety and they’re old, the nibs by now trained to my touch, a part of me. A few are gold-tipped. Most of them come from Pearl Paint in the 1970s, the Canal Street store on the upper limits of the Lower East Side in Manhattan.  Pearl Paint is one of […]

How To CRUSH Writer’s Block In 4 Easy Steps

dislocation_Luce-Chiara #2

Here’s an exercise that smothers writer’s block. It takes 10 to 30 minutes. Say you’re in the school parking lot to pick up the kids. Or at the train station waiting for your partner to arrive on the six-fifteen. Or on a bus going to work. No problem, you can destroy writer’s block with this […]



We  all have our favorite beginnings, the first words of a book that plunk us into the middle of a story. Like an arresting snapshot, good beginnings change us from being mildly curious to fully committed. They make us unwilling to stop reading.  Beginnings have to do certain things for me. They seethe with emotion, […]

How To Find Your Voice In 6 Easy Steps

writing in rome3_gnuckx

How To Find Voice In Six Easy Steps Literary voice is made up of lots of stuff—syntax, the kinds of characters we hang out with, the stories we choose to write, the plot, the themes, the overtones, the undertones, the aftertaste, the resonance. The sounds of the words and the sentence structure. Where you choose […]