Review: Nefarious, The Blackwell Files

Nefarious by Steven F. Freeman

Nefarious: The Blackwell Files by Steven F. Freeman is a riveting military/techno thriller with multiple storylines that are skillfully intertwined. With the first flip of the page, I was hooked into the action and the characters in this intriguing novel. When the story opens, the main character, Captain Alton Blackwell, a skilled cryptologist and war […]

Imagination and the Paranormal

Sunset in Scilla_Fortu Tato

For me there is a fine line between imagination and the paranormal. Take characters, for instance, those charming, evil, morose, lovable, laughable, maddening beings more real than the person sitting next to me on the bus. They are the charmers who continue breathing and sparring with one another long after I’ve closed the book or […]

Free on Amazon: The Griffin’s Boy


NOTE: The free days are over, but The Griffin’s Boy is still a great buy!  ….He’ll risk his life, then his soul & finally his heart in his quest to be … “THE GRIFFIN’S BOY“ Julia Hughes, author “The Griffin Cryer” has written another thrilling adventure, this time set on Ella-Earth, which is our world’s […]

Leaving a Trail


The Things We Leave Behind Yesterday I found a pair of gloves in the garage. I’d forgotten about them. They’re paint spattered, fierce with abandonment. I’m of an age when I need to be careful about my Leave Behinds, and while I wouldn’t throw these gloves out—they’re too precious and just the right fit now—I […]

Pets in Fiction

Meet Mr B

Meet Mr. Baggins I don’t know about you, but I need my pets, two cats who are pushing ten years old. These days they sleep a lot, especially when the temperature is below zero. But seven years ago when my husband died, they were there for me, big time—along with my family and friends, of […]