Unputdownable Mothers


Unputdownable Mothers: A Review of Starring in the Movie of My Life by Laurel Osterkamp Starring in the Movie of My Life by Laurel Osterkamp is a sparkling book. Matter of fact, I didn’t want this coming of age story to end. The novel is about Melody and Samantha who travel through high school and proto-adulthood duking it out, […]


Emilio Iasiello

The following is excerpted from “Pretty Things,” a short story in the brilliant anthology, WHY PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY DO by award-winning screenwriter, Emilio Iasiello. She paused before entering the room. A partition blocked most of her view. She saw only the lump of her mother’s legs under the white blanket. Marla took a couple of […]

10 Magnificent Stories

Book Review: WHY PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY DO Looking at the table of contents and swiping at a few of the pages, I thought I could whip through these short stories in no time. Then I began to read them, and I soon realized how spare and fine Emilio Iasiello’s writing is, how clear and […]

On Reading: Gone For Good

Gone For Good

This is not a book review, just a few random thoughts on reading  Gone for Good and what I like about Harlan Coben’s writing. Toward the end, my mind got a little dizzy with all the twists and turns of the plot—now you see her, now you don’t, now he’s here, now he isn’t, now […]

Southern Cross: An Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from chapter eight of SOUTHERN CROSS, the third novel in the Erin Solomon mysteries. In the excerpt, Erin is at a tent revival in rural Kentucky with her good friend and fellow reporter Daniel Diggins (“Diggs”), investigating the murder of Diggs’ childhood best friend. Naturally enough, madness ensues.   Reverend […]