Balancing Plot, Relatability, and Message

Ted Galdi Photo

Please welcome author Ted Galdi. His fascinating guest post concerns the fine art of balance. Balancing Plot, Relatability, and Message The three major components of the quality of any novel are plot, relatability, and message. Unfortunately, there is no optimum formula for weighing and mixing them, which is why so many books fall flat. Here is […]

In the Face of her Holiness

Manhattan Bridge at Magic Hour from Whyte Hotel, Brooklyn_ChrisGoldNY (Flickr)

  Here’s a short excerpt from Missing Brandy, the second book in the Fina Fitzgibbons mystery series, a work in progress. We gathered around Phillipa’s address book. There weren’t many entries and I felt a stab somewhere near my heart. It was grief and something else. Guilt. But guilt and grief get mixed up sometimes—they’re from the same […]

Lessons Learned: A Guest Post by Kevin R. Doyle


I am thrilled to welcome author Kevin R. Doyle. His intriguing guest post is about lessons learned during his 2 ½-week stint guiding sixty students through a fiction writing exercise, not without its zombie moments. I ended up this school year with, irony intended, a true learning experience. It’s kind of interesting that, having written in an […]

Review: American Angst

American Angst

I couldn’t help myself, I had to read American Angst by Laurel Osterkamp, a story about two cousins-in-law, Lucy and Robin Bricker. I’d met them before—I’d read and loved The Holdout, Starring in the Movie of My Life, and Blue State—so I was looking forward to hearing more from them. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I was […]