A Ride on the Petite Ceinture

Train circulaire au départ de la gare de Ménilmontant

From 1852 until its partial abandonment in 1934, the petite ceinture was a circular connection between Paris’s main railway stations within the fortified walls of the city. In 1874 when Serafina was sent to Paris to investigate the death of a countess, it was a good way to get around Paris, especially during high traffic times. In […]

Brooklyn Mysteries Now in Print

The Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn mysteries are now in print. You can buy them on Amazon or from your favorite online bookseller. Here’s an excerpt from the first book in the series, Too Quiet in Brooklyn. In this scene, Fina finds a body in the middle of a busy sidewalk in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. Improbable? Not really, […]

Serafina and Rosa Discuss Calumny


Seated on clouds in the heavens, two immortals talk of calumny: “What’s this word?” Rosa asks, handing me her newspaper. “Calumny,” I say. “It’s a lotion, no?” “Not exactly,” I say. “It’s false and malicious misrepresentation of the words or actions of others, calculated to injure their reputation; libellous detraction, slander.” “You make it sound […]

Guest Authors, T’Gracie & Joe Reese

Sea Change

Looking for a great cozy to read this weekend? Look no more. I am thrilled to welcome authors, T’Gracie and Joe Reese, here to introduce their fascinating new Nina Bannister mystery, Sea Change, available on Amazon. A little bit about the book … Bay St. Lucy is a sleepy little Gulf Coast community––and that’s the way its residents […]

Love on the Banks of the Seine

Author: Wilhelmy, Creative Commons, on Wikipedia

Here’s an excerpt from the latest Serafina Florio mystery, Murder on the Rue Cassette. Serafina is about to make some important discoveries—about the case and about herself. But this scene is about love on the banks of the Seine. After saying goodnight to the Valoises, they walked through the Tuileries and down to the banks of the Seine, […]