Guest Author: John Spencer Yantiss


I am delighted to welcome author John Spencer Yantiss who gives us a wonderful glimpse into his debut novel, Murder by Bequest. Synopsis On a frigid Friday afternoon in February, Eleanor Harkness shows up at the door of the “granite palace,” Sherrod Colsne’s New York townhouse.  Her unexpected yet incredibly timely appearance not only knocks Colsne’s normally unflappable […]

My List: Compound Words

The Dancer, Renoir, 1874

Lately I’ve become involved with compound words. Not that I don’t have better things to worry about. I sit and wonder if they’re written as one word or two. Or hyphenated. I don’t know who decides where they are in their evolutionary state of commingling, but I spend lots of time looking them up in the dictionary. […]

Guest Author Steven F. Freeman


Please welcome author Steven F. Freeman who exults in the publication of Havoc. And well he should: his books engage, compel, destroy the humdrum, and I highly recommend them. Take a gander at the cover. Here’s the synopsis. When Cryptologist Alton Blackwell takes his girlfriend, FBI Agent Mallory Wilson, on a surprise trip to Italy, the […]

Death in Bagheria on Sale Through Saturday

Death In Bagheria: A Serafina Florio Mystery

99¢ Through Saturday A baroness poisoned. Dark secrets. And one woman determined to uncover the truth. March 1870. Serafina Florio investigates the suspicious death of a baroness and uncovers a dangerous plot to destroy the heirs of a large fortune. The adventure leads her to a palatial villa in Bagheria, an aristocratic watering hole on Sicily’s gold […]

Aim, Step, Scrunch, Roll

Kent Street at Sunset, Greenpoint, Brooklyn_ChrisGoldNY (Flickr) - Version 2

It’s Ralph again. He’s done his parkour thing and climbed a building. Now he needs to get down. This excerpt from TOO QUIET IN BROOKLYN happens near the end of the book. Ralph swung his leg over the side and used his abs like his brother showed him and flexed. He looked down. It wasn’t […]