Guest Post, Joe Cosentino: Writing Is Like Giving Birth

Paper Doll-small

Please welcome distinguished actor, teacher, and author, Joe Cosentino. His mystery/romance novel, Paper Doll, is available on Amazon. WRITING A FIRST NOVEL IS LIKE GIVING BIRTH by Joe Cosentino The experts tell us to write what we know about, so I began my first novel by writing an outline (with actual paper and pencil) for a mystery/romance entitled […]

Mystery and Thriller Writers: Promote Your Work

Mystery and Thriller Writers: Promote Your Work If you’d like a quick and different way to promote your work, send me (gagasue @ gmail dot com) part of a scene from your work in progress, along with a short bio, headshot, and image of the cover, if you have it. Photo: Kent-Street-at-Sunset-Greenpoint-Brooklyn. Credit: ChrisGoldNY (Flickr), […]

Meet Cookie

Manhattan Bridge at Magic Hour_ChrisGoldNY (Flickr)

Here’s an excerpt from a work in progress, Missing Brandy, publishing in a couple of months. In this scene, Fina’s sidekick, Cookie, is on surveillance in Brooklyn Heights. Cookie was sick and tired of Jane’s snide remarks, of her feeble attempts to give anyone credit. And the way she treated Willoughby was pathetic. No question, he […]

Lucy’s In The Sky

Hello Brooklyn, How Ya Doin_ChrisGoldNY (Flickr) - Version 3

Here’s a taste of Missing Brandy, a work in progress. It’s from Chapter 18 and is part of Fina’s backstory. After talking with Heather and her mother, I decided to take a walk down Henry Street to see how my cleaning service, Lucy’s, was doing. This part of the Heights is my old neighborhood and I got […]