My List: 1611 Compound Words

The Dancer, Renoir, 1874

Lately I’ve become involved with compound words. Not that I don’t have better things to worry about. I sit and wonder if they’re written as one word or two. Or hyphenated. I don’t know who decides where they are in their evolutionary state of commingling, but I spend lots of time looking them up in the dictionary. […]

Guest Post: Frances McNamara, Chinese Love Stories

Death at Chinatown Cover

I am thrilled to welcome Frances McNamara, author of five Emily Cabot mysteries, including Death at Chinatown. In this fascinating post, Frances contrasts different attitudes towards romantic love. Chinese Love stories guest post by Frances McNamara I recently read Lisa See’s novel Peony in Love. Set in seventeenth century China, the crucial early scenes take place […]

Just Published: Missing Brandy


I’m thrilled to announce the release of MISSING BRANDY, the second novel in my Fina Fitzgibbons mystery series. If you’re familiar with Brooklyn, you’ll recognize many of the book’s settings—the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Teresa’s Restaurant, Vinegar Hill House, Henry Street, to name a few. Many thanks to the fabulous Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics for […]

Guest Post: Mind-Meld, The Reader-Writer Bond

Plagues of Eden

Please welcome Sharon Linnea, co-author of PLAGUES OF EDEN. Here’s her scintillating post examining thought waves between reader and writer. Mind-Meld: The Reader-Writer Bond Several years ago, after a relaxing few days out of town, we dropped a friend off at his place of employment. “Back to the old grind,” he sighed. Which I thought […]