Guest Post: Author, Tom Claver


  I am thrilled to welcome author Tom Claver whose thriller, Hider Seeker, publishes April 29. Today he’s here to tell us about his formative years as a writer. The Writer’s Block Sanction By Tom Claver Next month I will fulfill a lifelong ambition of publishing a thriller. Having reached a certain age, I thought it […]

And Yet …

No More Brothers_600

No More Brothers, the second book in the Serafina Florio mystery series, is now available in print as well as an ebook. It is a novella, about 27,000 words. It’s an important book in the series, and like all my books, can be read as a standalone. Besides being a mystery, No More Brothers is the start of Serafina’s affair […]

Pets in Fiction

Meet Mr B

Meet Mr. Baggins I don’t know about you, but I need my pets, two cats who are pushing eleven years old. These days they sleep a lot. But eight years ago when my husband died, they were there for me, big time, along with my family and friends, of course. Matter of fact, they are part of my […]

How to Split or Merge Scenes in Scrivener

Newsies at Skeeters Branch_Lewis Wickes Hines_May 9, 1910

What I love most about Scrivener is the ease of writing in scenes and moving them around or splitting and merging them as I edit or revise. Sometimes I begin writing one scene, shift thoughts slightly, create another scene and write some more. Then I think of something else and create a third. Now I have three separate scenes. At the end […]

Wives Longing to be Widows

No More Brothers

In this scene from No More Brothers, Serafina is sleuthing, desperate to find Ugo’s killer. Arsenic was found on the dead man’s lips, so arsenic is on Serafina’s mind. After finishing her breakfast, Serafina folded the paper and watched Assunta clear the table. Was there evidence that Rodolfo had purchased arsenic, she wondered? She remembered her mother once telling […]