Book Review: False Impressions by Sandra Nikolai

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False Impressions_Cover_SusanRA's BlogBook Review: FALSE IMPRESSIONS

I just loved FALSE IMPRESSIONS, a mystery by Sandra Nikolai. It’s got a tight story line, a strong voice, and love is in the air between its two main characters, Megan and Michael. It’s got minor characters who are exploding with jealousy and who fall over one another chasing the men they’re burning for—so what’s not to like?

Ghostwriter Megan Scott becomes a suspect when her husband and his companion are found murdered. Startling evidence surfaces to implicate a young investigative reporter, Michael Elliot—who’d rather rub elbows with Montreal’s drug-dealing underbelly than live the posh lifestyle he’s inherited. In order to exonerate herself, Megan is flung into Michael’s dark world of criminal investigation. As Megan and Michael make a last-ditch effort to prove their innocence, the real killer closes in on them. Someone wants them out of the way and the author never lets us forget it.

The book kept me sucked into the story until the end. It’s about murder and deceit, two of my favorite subjects, and there are suspects galore. But the book is also about what dislocation feels like since Megan Scott, who tells the story, deals with the shock and the anger of betrayal and we see life through her eyes.

FALSE IMPRESSIONS really connected me to life. It’s a sparkling book, a book that plunked me smack dab onto the streets of Montreal with Megan and Michael, into its neighborhoods, its restaurants, its churches, its red light district, and beyond. And as a bonus, I learned how to say “electric butt cheeks” in French. I mean, what more could a reader want?

If you’re into mystery and memorable characters, if you’d like a taste of the je ne sais quoi of Montreal, then FALSE IMPRESSIONS by Sandra Nikolai is a book for you.

My rating: 5 Stars

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And here’s the video of my book review:

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