The Art of Story

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Winding Road

Do you tell stories or write words?

Writers use words. They are our primary tools. We hold them in our heads or roll them on our tongues or look them up in dictionaries. Words spill from our hands to the page; they are counted, kept in a cage. With words, we touch the business of writing.

Storytelling is not so easy to tame, still less to name. Storytelling deals with art. It is an ancient line that wraps itself around the galaxies, slinking in between the stars, running ahead, teasing me. Story makes me breathless as I shuffle my words, reaching for the line, trying to make it flesh.

Photo: A Line in the country near Allentown, NJ

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  1. says

    Hi Susan,

    I enjoyed your The Art Of Story! I think of myself as a “storyteller” and try to convey what it all means for my readers at Clara54, my blog and writers forum. I’d be honored if you’d consider submitting a piece on a continuation of “Story” ?
    In lieu of payment, a short bio of you/your interests, along with your contact info will be included.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Clara Freeman

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