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Trade Winds To MeluhhaVirtual Book Tour, May 24 to June 4, 2012:

TRADE WINDS TO MELUHHA by Vasant Davé is a coming of age novel filled with action and adventure, a love story set in prehistoric times. It is a story not just of love and adventure, but also about murder and evil. It is about the abuse of society’s weakest in order to further the ends of the wealthiest—and to be more specific would spoil the surprise at the end of the novel.

The book is filled with characters that flee, fight, love, and narrowly escape death; and although their names may at first sound strange to our ears, we identify with them, largely because the author cares so much about them. He has created living, breathing, flesh and blood men and women who yearn for a better life. We walk with them on prehistoric ground recreated not just from the author’s imagination, but from scholarly research.

It is 2138 B.C., the Bronze Age, Sumeria (roughly, present-day Iraq). Samasin, the main character and stableboy to a wealthy Babylonian, is accused of murder. Taken into custody, he escapes a death sentence due to unique astronomical events which are actually recorded in clay tablets discovered in Babylon. He goes in search of Siwa Saqra, the name that the victim uttered before dying. He travels from Mesopotamia to Meluhha, thought by most scholars to be the ancient name for the Indus valley. During the voyage, he meets beauties, wrestles with pythons, saves damsels in distress, saves a pangolin from a cobra (one of my favorite scenes),and persists until he finds Siwa Saqra. He returns to Sumeria to initiate proceedings against the antagonist, where the reader learns the ugly truth behind the murder and the nature of the trafficking between Mesopotamia and Meluhha.

I loved reading this book. Throughout I wondered whether Samasin would succeed. Does good triumph over evil? I recommend TRADE WINDS TO MELUHHA to all readers seeking a mighty adventure.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Copyright © 2012 Vasant Davé
ISBN: 9788192250601

Vasant DavéAbout the Author:

Vasant Davé is an electrical engineer from the University of Bombay. He holds a post-graduate certificate in marketing and has received training at National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Tata Management Training Center and XLRI School of Business. He served engineering industry for 24 years. For another 8 years, he travelled widely in India conducting Industrial Market Research for corporate clients in the U.K., Germany, Israel, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

During one of his frequent tours he happened to visit Lothal and was awed to learn that it was a sea-port that conducted maritime business with Mesopotamia. Subsequently he visited other Indus Valley archaeological sites and had had discussions with authorities on the subject. He completed writing his first novel ‘Trade winds to Meluhha’ in 2011.

Earlier, Vasant’s articles were published in Readers’ Digest, Economic Times, Business India, Telematics India and Studio Systems. His technical background helped him to understand and apply historical, geographical, environmental and cultural nuances bearing upon the life during the Bronze Age, the period in which ‘Trade winds to Meluhha’ is set.

You can find out more about him at Smashwords where you can download the free book, How I Wrote A Pre-Historic Novel.


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    Thank you, Susan, for reviewing my historical novel ‘Trade winds to Meluhha’. Interested readers could go through several sample chapters from the novel on Google Books as well as on leading e-Book sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I would be pleased to answer any query about the narrative or the ancient Indus Valley Civilization in which it is set.

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